Jan. 21st, 2013

tuulikannel: (Hikaru no go - Sai)

A pretty quick update this time, for a couple of reasons: 1) I'm having many days off right now so I've got plenty of time (this will change in February, when I start doing full hours at work), and 2) this chapter... well, back when I wrote it during NaNo, I thought I might cut it off when the fic's ready. It didn't feel like a necessary part of the story – and maybe it isn't, but reading it through I decided it does serve some function in describing Hikaru's current state of mind … perhaps. It all comes from one single line Hikaru says in the sequel of this fic...

...and having said that, I just must add that writing a prequel really is a pain. Your hands are totally tied. Usually it's not a big deal if the characters don't agree to do exactly what you tell them, but with a prequel... they have to. I hope I'll manage to keep things consistent with the sequel (and I admit, I did make some little changes to it when this fic didn't work out completely like I thought. Very little, and I doubt people would even notice those things.) But anyway, I really can't recommend writing prequels.

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