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I decided to make some kind of a masterlist here. Easier to find stuff. For now, it's only the fanfiction. Original stuff can be found behind this tag. (They're locked.)

My older fics (mainly Yugioh) can be found at If you prefer reading the fics on AO3, go here.


Blade of the Immortal

Five short crossovers with Hikaru no go 2013
Silences 2011 A bunch of short, unconnected drabbles about various characters.

C.J. Cherryh

Importance of Punctuation 2012 A Foreigner comment ficlet, in my main journal - locked, in other words. Sorry. ETA: now on AO3.

Shon'ai 2007 Short Faded Sun fic about Melein that takes place before the book starts - no spoilers.

Death Note

MonoNote 2009 Crossover with Mononoke. All it takes to prevent a great tragedy is one simple medicine seller.

Hikaru no Go

A Letter Home 2014. 2,762 words. My fic for Blind Go round 16, where theme was genderswap. Heian-age Sai, with a secret.

Water Children 2013. 7 chapters, 50,000+ words. Once, in the Heian times, there lived a strange child, one who never quite belonged to the world of men. There were two things to hold him back - his mother, and go. Even they could not give him a long, happy life... but a thousand years later he would change the life of another boy. Fairytalesque AU

Tree of the Dead, May 5, 2013 "They say this tree stands between this world and the next, that sometimes you can hear a lovely bird singing on its branches and on such a night you might be able to meet the dead..."
It is May 5th, and Hikaru finds himself in Kyoto. He would rather not be there, but in the end it might be just the right place for him this night.

Crossing the Bridge of Dreams, 23 chapters, wordcount over 90k. 2013 Prequel to the Untitled Heian Fic. My version of Sai's life and the reasons behind its end. Main characters Sai and Hikaru, but various other characters make also appearances.

Hikaru and the Troll Mountain 2013 WIP Spinn-off of Crossing the Bridge of Dreams. Once upon a time there was a boy called Hikaru who met a troll. The troll led him to a great (if involuntary) adventure deep into the tengu mountain, where he met various more or less peculiar people – including his rival-to-be, and a god of go who got a problem. Now, perhaps Hikaru, Akira and the god can all help each other, and on the side also give some aid to a lovelorn troll.

Three Nights of the Obon, 4 chapters. 2012 Aka The Ghost and the Housewife. Sai and Mitsuko, in other words. Longer version of ~music~.

The Untitled Heian Fic, 13 chapters. 2011 Sequel to Crossing the Bridge of Dreams. Back in the Heian days, a young man tries to find out the truth about what happened to his teacher, while a young onmyouji faces the mystery of a haunted goban.

Wings 2011 No matter how hot the day, some people won't be slowed down. Only on

Boy's Best Friend, two chapters. 2011 Akira's had a bad day. Luckily he runs across something golden, bouncy and eternally cheerful that helps make it better. But what about Sai, can he too be happy? Fluff that turned into crack.

Bedtime Story 2010 Touya's helping Hikaru to babysit a couple of brats, and he just happens to hear a very interesting bedtime story...

Hikago Remixes

Onegaishimasu, she said (The Paths to the Future Remix) 2012 Remix of [ profile] lacygrey's Nigiri, she said.

Regret (The Dreams & Memories Remix) 2012 Remix of troisroyaumes's Regret, a Portrait.

Hikago crossovers

Five short crossovers with Blade of the Immortal

Akira&!, 2013. Yotsuba&! with Hikago characters. Akira as Yotsuba, Akari as Ena, Hikaru as Miura, and... Sai as Danbo? Inspired by this pic. (Originally a comment fic here.)

Kapitel des Geistes 2011 Chapter of the Ghost. During a trip to Europe, Hikaru and Sai visit a small town in which impossible things can – and do – happen. Crossover with Princess Tutu.

Dream traveler, four chapters. 2011 Hikaru had a dream, of Sai, and of a fan, and he wasn't yet ready to wake up. This time he would find Sai again, if he'd have to search through the whole Dreaming. Crossover with Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

Hikago/Battle Royale crossover, six chapters. 2010 Untitled, and I'm still planning to edit this some day. Some day.
...I suck with ratings, but this is a Battle Royale crossover... Violence. People die. Nothing too bad, though.

Short Hikago oneshots & drabbles

Winter Swim 2013. A man says a lot of things in summer he doesn't mean in winter. Fic for Blind Go mini round 5: Winter.

summer heat, winter cold 2013 What's the difference for a ghost?

The Eve off the Battle 2012 From [ profile] onkoona's prompt "Historical AU – Samurai Isumi writes his death poem, before going off into battle on a lost cause."

Wave without a Shore 2011 My fic for Blind Go round 12, where the theme was New Wave. Characters: Nase.

Hikaru no Tutu 2011 ...I can't write a summary for this one. Crackiest thing I've written for a while. (Or ever.)

Three Blind Go fics 2011:
A little ficlet about Hikaru's mother and ordinary life that just might have some magic in it.
Girl Talk
Two girls talking... hmm. Kinda pointless little ficcy.
Three Dreams in the Touya House
My ficlet for Blind Go round 11, where the theme was childhood. The dreams of Akira and his parents, one night. One of my personal favorites, really.

Three Blind Go ficlets 2010:
Written in the Stars of the Goban
A young Sai, and a prophecy.
An Ideal Heian Gentleman
...does not rhyme with Hikaru.
Toad Story
Sai, and his fear of frogs.


Written in the Wind 2011 My immediate feelings after finishing the series... short and kind of depressing. SPOILERS

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