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This was my fic for [community profile] blind_go round 14. It'll yet be continued.

Summary: Once, in the Heian times, a strange child was born, one who never quite belonged to the world of men. There were two things to hold him back - his mother, and go. Even they could not give him a long, happy life... but a thousand years later he would change the life of another boy. Fairytalesque AU.

Characters: This first chapter, Sai and Sai's parents. Hikaru and Akira in the coming chapters.

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Alright! Here comes my nano novel 2012 - that is, that Heian fic prequel I've been writing. This first chapter’s pretty Hikaru-centric, but this fic is mainly about Sai’s life. Of course, Hikaru will be an important part of it. No romance of any kind in this one, btw, at least not in these first 70k I’ve written (and most likely not in the rest either). Yeah... this is going to be long. And pretty slow-moving too, consider yourself warned.

The title's pretty much as cliché as you can get with a Heian age story. The last chapter of The Tale of Genji is called "Bridge of Dreams", which seems to refer to life, or so I've understood. Anyway, it's a better title than The Prequel of the Untitled Heian Fic, I guess...

Without further ado, let's get started.

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And so the fic has reached its end, and it's still without a title. In fact, I haven't even been thinking about the title anymore – The Untitled Heian Fic has become the title in my mind. Like, “What do you mean it has no title? It's called The Unt... oh. Yeah.” xD If anyone has title suggestions, I'm listening.

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Just for fun, here's a short bit from Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book. Not behind the lj-cut, cause this isn't really connected to the fic (just to Hikaru's handwriting) so those not reading the fic can read it too (Nobutsune is a courtier with really bad handwriting):

One day when Nobutsune was serving as Intendant in the Office of Palace Works he sent a sketch to one of the craftsmen explaining how a certain piece of work should be done. 'Kindly execute it in this fashion,' he added in Chinese characters. I happened to notice the piece of paper and it was the most preposterous writing I had ever seen. Next to his message I wrote, 'If you do the work in this fashion, it will certainly turn out strangely.' The document found its way to the Imperial apartments and everyone who saw it was greatly amused – except, of course, Nobutsune, who was furious and after this held a grudge against me.
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I've been trying to update this since Monday... let's see if it works now. Here's the next two chapters, in fact. Not among the happiest chapters of them all (eh, that just might have been an understatement) but then again, when the story involves someone who's committed suicide, hardly everything can be just sunny.

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