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Unfinished old Yugioh fic from years ago. Posting it here just because... well, just because. It was inspired by the first Pirate of the Caribbean movie... yeah, it's been a while since I wrote this, as I said. xD (Oh, it's also partially inspired by Neko-chan's Yami no Malik fics. Especially the prologue.)
Don't expect this to be updated.

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Alright... so this be my entry for the mini round 005: Winter of Blind Go.
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I was going to put these here too, but somehow forgot. Too many places to posts fics? maybe.

Five Hikaru no go/Blade of the Immortal ficlets, written for [personal profile] flonnebonne for guessing me at Blind Go.

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This was my fic for [community profile] blind_go round 14. It'll yet be continued.

Summary: Once, in the Heian times, a strange child was born, one who never quite belonged to the world of men. There were two things to hold him back - his mother, and go. Even they could not give him a long, happy life... but a thousand years later he would change the life of another boy. Fairytalesque AU.

Characters: This first chapter, Sai and Sai's parents. Hikaru and Akira in the coming chapters.

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Happy Hikago Day!

Wow, despite traveling this weekend I actually managed to get this finished on time! Proofreading once more might not have been a bad idea, but... bed is calling.

Summary:"They say this tree stands between this world and the next, that sometimes you can hear a lovely bird singing on its branches and on such a night you might be able to meet the dead..."
It is May 5th, and Hikaru finds himself in Kyoto. He would rather not be there, but in the end it might be just the right place for him this night.

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You know... I just started to wonder... if the Bon festival lasts for three days, how many nights are there? But, overall, it doesn't matter. My first night here was the one that started after the first day of the festival.

And another thing I realized: although Bon apparently most commonly takes place in August (when it would coincide with the pro test) of course Kanto area (including Tokyo) has to be different and have Bon in July. Which means that the pro test isn’t yet on. Now, they might (or might not) already have had the prelims, though, so I just decided that that’s the case. Whatever. Who cares, really? (Except me...)

Anyway, without further ado, here's the next part: Second Night )

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First chapter
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Fanfic time. I... umm. Remember that little ficlet I wrote for Blind Go once, titled Music? About Hikaru's mom hearing strange things? I mentioned there that it was based on this bigger plot bunny I've got - one I would never write. Eh. Never say never? I should know myself better. Most of my plot bunnies will eventually be written, especially if they're weird.

So. A Hikago fic, starring Sai and Mitsuko. And, umm, yeah. It really will be Sai/Mitsuko~ish, in the end. More so, if I really write those two more chapters for this that I'm thinking about. For now, here you are. )

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I wrote this at the Dreamwidth Hikago community, at the Isumi Team Battle Drabble Post, from Onkoona's prompt "Historical AU – Samurai Isumi writes his death poem, before going off into battle on a lost cause."

Characters: Shinichirou Isumi (naturally), and Hikaru "Toyotomi Hideyoshi" Shindou.
No warnings except for bad poetry. 1025 words.

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A bunch of Blade of the Immortal drabbles, most of them exactly 100 words. No spoilers – in fact most of these seem to take place before the start of the series.

…after using the rather obvious title “what's in a name” for the first one, I kind of got stuck using Shakespearean quotes as titles. I used the overall title “Silences” just cause silence seems to be part of many of these... now I kinda want to change it to “The Rest is Silence” but. Won't. ^^

No warnings, really.

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I finished watching Otogi Zoshi an hour ago or so. I'll probably write more about it later in my journal, but now... the ending. I don't know what I think about the ending. And so it inspired a teeny tiny ficlet. Just 500 words or so. As it's about the ending, it is, naturally, a little spoilerous. And as this is such a teeny tiny fandom (there isn't even a category for this at ff.net) I don't even know if anyone's ever going to read this, but... anyway. *sigh* That ending. That ending. What to think about that ending...

(And I know I switch from present tense to past tense in the middle. I'm just too lazy to do anything about it.)

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I was wondering whether to post this here at all - or, in fact, I've been trying to decide whether to post fanfics in this journal anymore, or just to ff.net. I think I'll go on posting them here too, though. If not for any other reason that ff.net gets on my nerves at times. (Like now, when I posted this here and it ate all ~ signs I'd used to separate parts of the story. I replaced them with - and it ate those too. It didn't like * either. Finally it did accept three periods. ... Annoying.)

Another reason would be, I guess, that here's easier to reply to possible comments. (Of course, I could as well post the fanfics in my own journal. I don't know. I need to think about this.)

...a third reason might be the fact that I don't seem to be posting here much at all otherwise these days. ^^; I should try to finish one of those original thingies that are rotting in my computer...

But anyway. Without further ado, a sequel to Boy's Best Friend, which you can find here. Where the first part was fluff, this is more... crack, I think.

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And once again it's time for some Hikago fanfiction. xD What is it in this series that makes me write? (And once again, I don't quite know what to call the fic. Why is it there has to be such things as titles? *mutter*)

Title: Boy's Best Friend
Characters: Akira (and Hikaru. Kinda.)
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1816
Summary: Young Akira's had a bad day. Luckily he runs across something golden, bouncy and eternally cheerful, which helps make it better.

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Heh, I gotta say I had fun with this one. And now I’ve got an idea for a relative crazy sequel, too... we’ll see. It would involve Sai. ^^ EDIT: And the next chapter is HERE.

But anyway, this fic... Yesterday I was walking home when I passed this old lady and her dog (a Yorkshire terrier, I think.) And when I say old, I mean old. Her back is bent at least 45 degrees (usually more), she always has two Nordic walking kinda sticks – not for sports but for support – and as she has no hand free for the leash, the dog is tied to her waist. But every day she walks her dog, I’ve seen them many times before.

Anyway, this kind of made me think about dogs in general, and how great it is she still has this dog as her companion (years ago, she used to have two of them...) and how she, despite of her age and condition, still takes the dog on a walks... and then, as there is this current blind go round and my mind’s kind of preoccupied by Hikaru no go, I got the idea for this story. And had to write it, of course.
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Well.... what can I say? Strange crossovers give me no peace. At least they're fun to write.

A Hikaru no go/Sandman crossover. I'd been thinking about it a long while. Probably ever since I first read the part where Hikaru has the dream about Sai. So, in summary: after the said dream, Hikaru doesn't wake up. Instead, he goes to search for Sai, in the Dreaming.

Note to the possible Sandman fans: It's been years since I read the books, so I'm sorry if I've got some canon errors. This takes place during Brief Lives, just because it's one of my favorites and I remember it better than most books. (Not that the Sandman timeline were that important here.)

About the title and the chapter titles... In general, I just can't come up with titles. This fic was no exception. But when I was writing the second chapter, a line from Bokura no bouken (first ending for Hikaru no go anime) came to my mind, and in this context kind of... amused me, so I decided to use it as the second chapter's title. And when I thought about it, I figured I could take all the titles from that song.

So, the fic's title (yume no tabibito, which could be roughly translated as dream traveler) and the chapter titles all are from that song. (This doesn't mean they'd fit the fic perfectly or anything like that. Mainly they just amuse me. And now I don't anymore have to think about the *censored* titles.)

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Second chapter
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I have 500 words left to write on my NaNo. I think I'll leave them for tomorrow. Just because. ^^

This has been a pretty hard month, and at times my brain wanted to have a break. Why it decided that the best way to have a break from writing the NaNo novel is to write something else, namely a silly Hikago fanfic, I don't know. But I wrote it, anyway. Wonder if I could add it to my wordcount? xD That'd be an interesting twist to the plot, for sure.

Anyway. The summary for this fic was supposed to be something like "Hikaru's telling a bedtime story and Touya's eavesdropping", but it got a little out of hand, so I guess "Touya's helping Hikaru to babysit a couple of brats" is better.

Enough said, I guess. This is just something silly to take my mind of the NaNo story. Takes place post-series, and no warnings whatsoever. ...oh well, one curse word. Hikaru, please don't curse when children can hear you.

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My [livejournal.com profile] bland_go fics for round 10 of Blind Go, when the theme was Sai...

Written in the Stars of the goban...

An Ideal Heian Gentleman

Toad Story
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Here's the first part of that Hikaru no go/Battle Royale fic I've been writing. I figured I should put it up somewhere, after wasting all that time with it... ^^; For now, the fic resides here in my writing journal, even though I'm not sure if there's much audience at all for a fic like this among my f-list… I might some day post it to my ff.net account too, but this requires that I a) figure out a title for this, b) remember my password, c) fix certain parts that totally do need fixing...

I wonder what it is with me and strange crossovers, anyway. Yugioh/Solaris, Death Note/Mononoke, and now this... I'm pretty sure that the Hikaru no go/Princes Tutu one will remain unwritten, though. (ETA: Hahah! And now it, too, is written! xD) Well, whatever. At least this one is finally finished and won't be eating my time anymore. Hopefully. Unless I start editing this...

Characters: Mainly from Hikago (Hikaru and Akari... note: I said Akari, not Akira – though Touya's in this too, of course, and where there is Hikaru, there is Sai...) The only ones from BR to make short appearances are Kiriyama, Kitano and Mimura. And then there are some OC's who mainly exist to be killed off. Poor buggers.

Timeline: this takes place just a bit before that new first dan certification/award distributing ceremony thingy, whatever it's officially called (and by the way, if anyone knows exactly when that ceremony takes place, I'd be grateful for that piece of information. I'm guessing (hoping) some time in (late?) March, but I couldn't find anything definite.)

In other words, they're just about to finish the eighth grade. (In BR verse, I guess they should be in the ninth year, but that didn't quite work for Hikago timeline, so eighth year it is.) I've also taken some freedoms as on who is on the same class as Hikaru – for example, though he and Akari were in the same class in grade school, they apparently aren't anymore in the junior high, but... artistic license, you know.

PG-13, I guess, for some language and violence... though this isn't as bloody and violent as Battle Royale, and I hope it makes more sense.

(Because seriously, Battle Royale might be a good movie, but it makes no sense whatsoever. "Oh, the youth today really are difficult, skipping school and not respecting adults, what should we do? Hey, I know, let's take a group of ninth graders to an abandoned island and have them kill off each other! That surely solves all problems this world's facing." I mean… huh?)

Chapter 1 )

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It's just something silly, really. "All it takes to prevent a great tragedy is one simple medicine seller." :p

EDIT: At least a somewhat edited version is now posted on ff.net.

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[edited version, 2009]

I have to say I am quite surprised I wrote this, but now that it's done... the truth is that I actually like this fic. ^^ I really haven't been into fanfiction for some time... (which reminds me, there's that one fic I really should try to finally finish.) As usual, inspiration struck around the time I went to bed. And here I was thinking I might for once get to sleep early... (finished writing around 2 am. Typical.)

I considered posting this to ff.net, but then remembered there is no C. J. Cherryh category there (!), so I thought I'll just put this here. (Though I guess I could just post this on misc. books or something...) Well, at least this journal will not feel so neglected anymore. : / I'm not sure what's the point in posting this here, though, for as far as I know none of you has read this book, but... *shrug* So what.

So, here it is, spoiler-free, takes place before the book, and in the case someone's wondering, it's kind of scifi, takes place in a world called Kesrith, and these people are not humans but a race called mri (humanoid, look something like this in those robes of theirs.)

[edit] I just came up with a title. Shon'ai.
To understand the mri, one must understand shon'ai, the Game of the People, the passing-game. The Kel play shon'ai with knives while other mri play with wands or stones. To be mri is to play the Game, its player-to-player, hand-to-hand passing rhythm "as old as time and as familiar as childhood." To play the game is to cast oneself -- one's fate -- forth from the hand, to let go, to make the leap forward freely, and without fear.

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